Consensus Mediation Centre


                        Consensus Mediation Centre

                                                                 Solutions for Families in Transition

                         Consensus Mediation Centre is a service dedicated to assisting

                       parents and children to re-establish and maintain viable family  

             relations following a separation, divorce or the creation of a new family unit.

                     CMC makes use of family mediation, education and solution focused

             techniques in situations of conflict and dispute. Services are provided on site   

                                 or on line to accommodate long distance intervention.

                                                                    What’s New

👪 ** Dominic D’Abate, Ph.D. has been named on the AFCC committee to revise the 2005 Parenting

            Coordination Guidelines     ** Training in Parenting Coordination was successfully completed in Spain by

                       Dominic D’Abate, Ph.D. in June (Barcelona and Galicia) and October (in Madrid), 2017.


       We are offering a new training program for Parenting Coordination - the first module will be offered on September 20,21,22, 2018 - For more information check our pamphlet DépliantCP2018-19_Final.docx

** Children Now is organizing a major international symposium taking place May 31, June 1 and 2, 2018.

                                                         Working with Families  in Transition in the 21st Century :

         Innovations and Best Practices in Dealing with High Conflict Co-Parenting Relations, Estrangement and

                            Alienation between Children and Parents, Child Abduction and Domestic Violence


         For more info: Riccardoe Didone at