Coparenting Coaching and Counselling


Coparenting Coaching is intended to assist separated or divorcing  parents

who are experiencing  serious difficulties in their coparenting relations to:


– exercise their parental responsibilities 

   more effectively

 – develop. modify and implement 

    a parenting plan (by mutual consent

    or as a judgement issued by the    


– improve communication and the exchange

of  information about the children 

– focus on their children’s needs


Coparenting Coaching can include: 

  • consultation, education and facilitation.

The coparenting  coach can also employ techniques used in

mediation/conciliation as well as counselling strategies without assuming

the role of a mediator or a  therapist.  At no time will the coparenting coach 

provide the parties with a legal opinion  or legal advice on assume a



Picture courtesy of Michael D’Abate