Parenting Coordination


There are some co-parents who get caught in a perpetual and a never ending spiral of conflict that not only threatens the well being of their children but keeps them locked in chronic litigation and on-going court battles.
The Parenting Coordination Program offers a unique service to  parents in high conflict divorces by providing intensivefollow up services when they are unable to formulate and implement a workable parenting plan.
The primary goal is to ensure the children’s best interests while minimizing potential 
risk factors associated with a litigious separation. The professionals assigned are experienced and highly trained in the area of family mediation, child development and intervening in high conflict situations.
Mandates for services can be initiated by the courts, lawyers or the parents themselves but it is preferable that a judge seized of the file issues a mandate
Duration of PC intervention is between 12 and 18 months and parents sign a contract detailing length of service, objectives, fees and procedures related to complaints and termination of services
  • Consensus adheres to the PC Guidelines formulated by the AFCC  (2005, 2019) and adapted for Quebec in 2019 by the following professional orders: OTSTCFQ, OPQ, Barreau du Quebec.