Parenting Plans

Creation and Assessment of Parenting Plans

When families break up, conflict regarding the care and support of children are the most sensitive and complex issues that often end up being litigated in court. We feel strongly that every effort should be made to help parents (and their lawyers) create and assess parenting plans that respond to the best needs of their children.  

At Consensus Mediation Centre, we offer:

  • Expert assistance to assit parents in formulating a clear and functional parenting plan using family mediation and coparenting coaching. 
  • Once a parenting plan is formulated (by the parents or court) but parents are in disagreement with its content or how to implement it, one of our experts can be engaged to carry out a collaborative assessment of the situation, to ensure that the best interests of the child are prioritised.
  • These assessments can be initiated by parents, lawyers and even judges

Collaborative Assessments

  • A collaborative assessment model  is one in which the information collected during individual and family interviews and home visits and collateral contacts are shared with parents and their lawyers (and any other professional involved) in order to help them reach an agreement on contentious parenting issues.
  • Referral to family mediation, counselling and group co-parenting are offered and encouraged in an effort to avoid costly legal action.
  • Typically, arrangements are made between all parties to nominate a family mediator to see parents at least once if no agreement can be reached with the expert. The said mediator’s role is to help parents implement or modify the recommendations of the expert.

The Centre has trained social workers, psychologists and accredited family mediators who are available for parents and their lawyers. A written report is presented and is used as a guide in the ensuing discussions with parents. If the conflict ends up before a judge, the evaluator may be called to testify in court.