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Coparenting Coaching and Parenting Coordination:                                                                                          

  • Dominic A.  D’Abate, Ph.D., Aldo Morrone.  Families in Transition, A Travelog. 2007.  Guide for Parents Adapting to Separation and divorce). Available free in PDF.                                
  • D’Abate, D. (2016). The Use of a Solution Focused and a Family Narrative Approach inWorking with High Conflict Families: Strategies and Techniques that can be Utilized in Parenting Coordination and Co-parenting Coaching. Journal of Child Custody, 13(4), 269-288.Available for free at WebPage.pdf
  • D’Abate, D. (2010). La Coordination Parentale: Un nouveau programme destiné aux couples séparés qui vivent des conflits intenses. Revue scientifique, AIFI.
  • D’Abate, D. (2005). Parenting Coordination: A New Service for High Conflict Divorcing Families. Intervention, No. 122, Juin.

Parent – Adult Children Relations:

  • Dominic A. D’Abate, Ph.D. – These Freaken Kids:  The Relationship Between Parents and Their Adult Children.
  • Dominic A. D’Abate, Ph.D. – These Freaken Parents:   The Relationship Between Adult Children and their Parents.

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